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msg #1
oh my god i love nelly so much he looks so good and i just want to kiss them lips so bad whoooooooo.
amber guy
msg #2
Nelly I love you so much!!!!!!! Everytime I see you I go crazy. I’m also jealous when those girls in your video’s be all up on you. One day I hope to meet you and spend some time with you. please make my dreams come true! and that dream is to meet you or tickets to your concert. I’m 16 yrs old my b-day is june 26, I have a son who 2 yrs old. Your pictures are all over my wall!
Guest whad up
msg #3
Nelly is so fukin fine umm i like dat body
Guest daddys girl
msg #4
nelly i love you and ador you yours trully daddys girl
Guest daddys girl
msg #5
nelly i love you and ador you.yours trully daddys girl
msg #6
nelly you now that old web site of your,s what happin to that site
msg #7
clearthat know
Guest me
msg #8
gurl gone somewhere and go take care of yo 2 yr old and get off hi stuff
msg #9
gurl i wish you would kiss my man (nelly I love you)
Guest babygurl
msg #10
Nelly u is so fine every time when i see u i just past out and i wish some day dat i can just kiss u on the lips and im 9 years old and i know dat i sound a little to young but i really really like u. so some day i wish dat u can write back to me ok baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i wish dat little kids can come to ur consert. but it half to be just for little kids. and i hope dat i can see u on the tv and u will say my name on tv ok boooooooooooooooooooooooo luv ya stay sexy
Guest babygurl
msg #11
my name is kelondra but can u just call me keke im still dat gurl who send u dat last one.
msg #12
Nelly all the gurls are jeluose of the peoples that r on your vidios remember me im the gurl in the vidio of grillz remember me know well anyways i always whanted 2 b in your vidios and when i talked 2 u i almost fanted remember and i was really nervous but then i was no more cause u told me that every thig was ganna b ok im so sorry peoples that dont know u o yeah and if u guys whant nelly phone # i might give it 2 u i know that yall dont believe me but its 100% true i swear i have his phone # ask him
Guest chikki
msg #13
all the day dreamers. get a life.
yous lot all claim u know nelly. if u do fine.
but stop fussing anbout someone who gives no shit abt u

peace; keep it real
msg #14
msg #15
fack of bitches hes mine
msg #16
uz ar all slags so face it ur 2 faced ha ha
Guest lili
msg #17
nelly is so hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooott
Guest lili
msg #18
damn nelly is so sexy i wish he was my boyfriend
Guest mika
msg #19
baby you is fine can you be my baby daddy in th furuter. when I come to your concert Iwill screm as loud as I can. my birthday is auaugst 20.
Guest shorty
msg #20
nelly you are so hot yow!
msg #21
NELLY YOU R SO HOT ITHINK ABOUT YOU EVERY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest SKAB
msg #22
eww peww lol nah jkz yea ma sis makn me write ths
msg #23
Nelly is so fine and i love him to death. Me and him would make some pretty babies!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a dime piece!!!!!!
I am so glad that he is my man and my one and only baby and I am his.......(LOL)
msg #24
now nelly you need to get a thickred woman from DETROIT i make your apple bottoms look so damn good so in love with you,,we all the way to country not no little girl im a grown woman doing grown thangs gat at your girl........and no quewtion about you know you are sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy
Guest smiley
msg #25
nelly is my baby boo boo
Guest mika
msg #26
dear nellyyou is so sexyyou need vist me sometim
Guest NENE
msg #27
Oh my gosh, Nelly is so fine. When I see Nelly on t.v I lose my mind.I have all of his cd’s and I have numerous pictures of him on my wall.If I could spend one night with Nelly, it would be a night that I would never forget and neither would Nelly..
Guest mZ rNdM
msg #28
when r u cumin 2 concerte gonna jump on stage n just touch u....i dont care if i get kicked out....just as long as i touch on ur arm or sumthin
msg #29
dang is there any 1 cuter then nelly
Guest babygurllo
msg #30
I no cuz Nelly is so fine all over o.m.g I feel so bad for ashanti
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